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What is a brand? I found the answer to this question in an old audio recording about the difference between character and charisma:

Character is something that you have and something that you are. You could be marooned on a desert island and your character would still be important. In fact, it would likely be very important in that situation.

But charisma wouldn’t do you any good at all. Charisma requires the presence of others, while character is all about you. Character is the entity you are after you’ve chiseled and chiseled and have gotten past all the unnecessary material to what’s underneath.”*


My name is Errol Saldanha. I help ambitious brands (and people) reach their full potential. During my formal education, I discovered a lifelong passion for the specialized area of branding. In 1993, I founded Saldanha Inc. to help grow brands and the branding field itself. Three decades later, I continue ...


1. Brand Development

Saldanha Inc. (brand collaborative) saldanha.com

Growing Brands (branding approach) growingbrands.org

Brand Simplification (branding service) brandediting.com

Dot Golden (digital branding agency) dotgolden.com

2. Brand + Domain Naming

Nameris (naming agency) nameris.com

3. Branding the Field

Branding Field (area of expertise) brandingx.org

4. Brands in Crisis

Brandrescue.org (pro-bono branding) brandrescue.org

5. Logo Design

Logo-o (logo design) logo-o.com

Yes Logo (logo design) yeslogo.org

6. Communication Design

Communication Design (model) communicationdesigners.com

Communication Designers Association (CDA) comdes.org

7. Typography

Command Type (typography resource) commandtype.com

8. Plant-Based Ventures

Veggiebrands (plant-based branding) veggiebrands.com

PlantbasedTO (plant-based city) plantbasedto.com

9. Cycling Ventures

(coming soon)

10. Personal Development

Intena (self-study of self-awareness) intena.com

Treeabove (think big) treeabove.com

Lipshut (nose breathing) lipshut.com